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Meet Jeff Cardarella, Aerovex Founder

Air quality industry expert and Aerovex Systems, Inc founder

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Jeff Cardarella - Aerovex SystemsAbout Jeff Cardarella
Jeff is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, with a degree in Occupational Safety and spent his early years working on air quality issues in the printing industry. Within the past 10 years, he became aware of increasing health problems, ranging from eye and throat irritation to asthma and leukemia, among the people working in salons and spas. Alarmed by the prevalence of potentially dangerous fumes, vapors, dusts and mists permeating the air in these environments, he began working on devices especially designed to remove harmful toxins from the air in hair salons, nail salons and spas. His research efforts included consultations with hundreds of cosmetologists, an aerospace design engineer with experience in air purification and a leading source capture ventilation manufacturing expert. He also hired the services of an internationally known salon industry scientific regulatory consultant. Most recently, Aerovex Systems has partnered with Healthy Air Technologies, to exclusively introduce patented eHEPA technology in their salon source capture systems.

The result was a scientifically tested system that captures hair salon vapors and fumes at their source and an award winning nail salon room air purifier.

He believes that everyone, especially the hard-working people who serve others as part of their every-day lives, should enjoy the benefits of clean air. Because they care about clean air, his team at Aerovex Systems are dedicated to providing the best possible air purification products to salons at affordable prices.

Jeff is also a founding member of the Professional Keratin Smoothing Council which is 
committed to the safety of salon professionals and consumers and the growth of the professional beauty industry, advocacy for the Keratin/Smoothing hair category and the principles of professionalism, transparency and accountability.

Aerovex SystemsAbout Aerovex Systems
Aerovex Systems' efforts are dedicated to creating healthy work environments for hair stylists, nail technicians and salon clientele. They strive to develop and provide innovative ventilation technologies that remove salon vapors, dusts and mists, and replace these air pollutants with fresh, clean air. And, at the same time, create an awareness of their "3 Zone Protection" salon ventilation control measures. They encourage salon professionals to be progressive in their approach to protecting their health.

The salon air purification and ventilation systems have been designed specifically for the salon industry. The salon air quality control measures they offer include systems to remove salon dust and chemical vapors from nail technicians and hair stylists breathing zones in addition to purification of the ambient salon air. They have also designed special filters for salon HVAC systems that take into consideration your unique salon requirements.

Aerovex Systems and Healthy Air Inc., have worked together to design a completely new Healthy Air™ source capture system based on an enhanced HEPA technology, referred to as eHEPA, which is highly efficient and user friendly. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, developed the fundamental technology incorporated into the Healthy Air™ system. The partnership with Healthy Air Inc. has allowed Aerovex Systems, Inc. to become the leading salon industry ventilation equipment source.

Now, for the first time, hair and nail salons can remove germs and pathogens from the air along with chemical vapors and dusts at an acceptable noise level with Aerovex Systems’ recently developed, exclusive source capture ventilation system. Both the Healthy Air™ Source Capture Ventilation System for Nail Salons and the Healthy Air™ Source Capture Ventilation System for Safer Keratin Hair Treatments use an advanced activated carbon filter. 

"The One That Works" Salon Air Purifier has received Nails Magazine's Readers' Choice Award for Ventilation Systems for the past 9 years running,  2005 through 2013.

Article: Airing it out: Madison’s Aerovex Systems helps salon patrons breathe easy

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Three Zone Salon Certification

Appreciated by thousands...
"I am the lead maintenance tech at a high end salon that utilizes both Aerovex Systems' "The One That Works" salon air purifier and their "Chemical Source Capture System" machines on a regular basis. These machines are safe, user friendly and simple to maintain. I have yet to see a better design. When dealing with the company I have never encountered anything but professionalism and sincerity from its employees excellent work."
James Cooper
Adam Broderick Salon and Spa
Ridgefield, CT

"I wanted to say thank you for your help in December when I ordered The One That Works air purifier from you. It makes a remarkable difference in my salon! I will be in touch soon to order the Healthy Air nails source capture system for our manicure tables. Take care!"
John C. Nguyen
Peterborough, ON

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